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Our Commitment To You

Welcome to our site! Thank you for your interest in Dell Construction Co., Inc.. Our team is grateful you have taken the time to learn about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

It is with great pride that we have been satisfying businesses for more than 50 years in the Construction Business.

People often ask us, 'What makes Dell a better company?' This is easy to answer, it is our people! It starts with those who work with us daily in our crew and includes our vendors, subcontractors, specialty contractors, and consultants. With taking special care choosing and inviting Team Members to create the environment needed to succeed while giving our customers a positive building experience.

And our customers…we have some of the best around! Great people and great customers make a winning combination.

We personally are very proud to continue the legacy that our father, Dennis Endle, started in 1865 in an 10' x12' corrugated metal shed he and his partner built. It still sits in our materials yard as a reminder of where we've been. Denny still offers his advice and opinions to us.

Please look around, ask questions, and see what we're about. If we may be of service, please give us a call or allow us to continue to stay in touch with you.

Donna Rodgers, Susan Kumferman, Michael Endle, Ted Endle

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