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Pre-Construction Activities

The main benefit of partnering with a contractor from the onset of a project is their contributions during the Pre-Construction Phase.

Since every Project is unique, our Team Members are selected to meet the specific requirements and constraints presented by the project, to guarantee the interests and values of our Customer.

Each project begins on the premise, that being a part of Your Team, communication and trust is the foundation of the project. Dell Construction’s Team will work to ensure success of each project. With every building project, the Team will determine the set of challenges, implementing solutions to expedite the project to construction and occupancy by the Owner.

A key role of Dell construction’s involvement in your project is to provide a positive influence on the dynamic tension that is inherent in undertakings involving the multiple team members; our client, the architects, and suppliers and subcontractor members. During the kick-off meeting, the project team will determine the sequence of events of the project; identify the challenges and facilitate solutions, maintain focus on the project objectives, meeting the project critical goals until its successful completion.

With Dell Construction selected as your General Contractor Partner design-conceptual value engineering-estimating-scheduling offers to you, the Owner, Cost Savings.

Step One:

The first few weeks, development of schematic drawings are created. Dell Construction will provide value engineering and perform conceptual estimating recommendations to facilitate design development. The ability to weigh all recommendations, conduct fact finding, coordinate, and listen to various solutions will fast track the development of the building design. Dell Construction role is to mediate with the Team Members to provide to the Owner the best, most complete information possible for implementation into his/her facility.

Our constant communication and personal attention is invaluable to the success of all our projects.

Project Estimating Constructability Review Subcontractor Solicitation

Once the design drawings are created, our Estimator, Project Manager and Project Superintendent will review the drawings. The drawings will be analyzed for omissions and work scope. Our solid database of selected subcontractors and consultants will be contacted to perform pricing and to offer suggestions. All cost data is gathered on the project. All suggestions will be reviewed, sorted and the finding will be presented to the gathered on the project. All suggestions will be reviewed, sorted and the findings will be presented to the Team. Recommendations will be developed based on cost saving ideas, alternate methodologies, and constructability. Upon agreement within the Project Team., the project specifics will be given to the architect to complete the drawings, allowing formal subcontractor solicitation to a final hard bid, with commencement of construction.

No cost for these services will be incurred by the Owner if Dell Construction is your Team Contractor.