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Design / Build Services

Since 1975 Dell Construction has provided Design-Build Services. Dell Construction also will perform Design-Assist Services working with regional Architects and Engineers.

Both design systems function similarly when the team shares the objectives and goals of the Client.

The single point of responsibility is found to be the advantage of the Design-Build System, while authority is retained over the design team with contractor's participation during the development of the drawing, is accomplished by the Design-Assist Service.

Dell Construction will outsource the architectural work to an associate architectural firm. This firm is selected based on the project scope, project locations, and project schedule. Our Engineer will work with the selected firm to ensure that the project is developed based on the customers requirements and budget.

Increasingly, these two project delivery systems are dominating the type of projects Del Construction builds. 

Benefits Of Design-Build And Design-Assist:


  • single turn-key source of responsibility
  • Design Builder is responsible for budget management, schedule, and workmanship.
  • Design Builder is the arbitrator to resolve conflict in design, construction, adversarial relationships.
  • Owner will reap the benefits of cooperative efforts


  • singularized responsibility inherent in Design-Build is a powerful quality motivator and achieves accountability for defects and non-performance.

Identification of Costs:

  • Accurate conceptual scope of project
  • Design-Builder simultaneously estimates cost during design process
  • Design-Build approach allows project cost to be determined prior to beginning of work and virtually eliminating change orders
  • Decision to proceed with the project is made with firm knowledge of the final cost and scope of work.

Cost Savings:

  • Open book policy
  • Value engineering and constructability are utilized continuously

Time Savings:

  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Design, Budget and Scheduling can overlap
  • Redesign is minimized or eliminated
  • Material and long lead items can be procured early on
  • Earlier occupancy of completed facility.