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Construction Delivery Methods

At Dell Construction all critical tasks are performed by our own highly trained employees. To inquire about our services, please Contact us at: Info@dellconstruction.com Or call (715) 834-0501.

General Contracting (Quality)

Dell Construction is determined to provide the highest quality product on each of our jobs regardless of size. Traditional bid/build accounts for only 33 percent of projects nationwide. We can participate in this method and offer the owner a quality project which is done right the first time. However, the preferred methods would be Design/Build or Dell Construction as the project Construction Manger. These methods have been shown in the studies to provide the owner with greater value and satisfaction with the end resulting product. Bringing dell Construction on board as a team member early in the process will reap great advantages for the owner.

Value Engineering and Preconstruction Services (Solutions) Dell construction works hard to find solutions by problem solving and avoiding potential problems by consistently thinking ahead. WE have a unique advantage by having a licensed professional engineer on staff to assist in determining the best cost-saving materials and designs, as well as difficult in-field processes. We can provide conceptual estimating, constructability analysis, and detailed estimates as you work towards the establishment of your construction budget. We can work closely with the owner and architect to analyze materials and methods to assure the function and cost of designs meet with the owner’s expectations. At Dell, we believe communication is the key to success, and the foundation of a project begins at the preconstruction phase!

Design/Build (Accountability)

Dell Construction has been design/building since 1975. The design-build project consists of a construction agreement in which Dell provides both the design and construction services on the project. Advantages of design-build construction might include:

  • Fast tracking, which allows construction to begin while the design/budget process is still underway
  • A shorter project duration from start to finish
  • Single point of accountability for owner
  • Team development between owner, contractor and owner with a common goal

Communication is the critical component. Dell construction will Listen, Understand, Contribute and React. With Dell Construction on your team, you will have one point of contact from conception to closeout. No information is lost in the transition between sales, estimating or construction. There is no one to pass the buck to with our one-point contact system.

Construction Management

Dell Construction can also work for you in the form of the “Construction Manager”. As your construction manager we would meet with you and your architect to develop the plans and methods of construction for your project. We would provide detailed cost estimates and schedules as required.

As the project concepts advance and more detailed plans re developed, the construction manager provides additional cost estimates and input as necessary.

When the plans and specifications are complete, the Construction Manager sorts the entire project into “Bid Packages” which result in the best bid for each scope of work. The Construction Manager then solicits bids on each bid package, inviting bids from subcontractors and suppliers best suited for your project.

The Construction Manager’s fee, which are fixed early in the design stage, and the project’s general condition costs are saddled to the project's package bid prices to confirm the total cost of the project.

This “Construction Manager” method works well for the owner giving many advantages to control designs an costs over the traditional “bid” method while still maintaining the competitive nature/advantage of such without many of the pitfalls due the great amount of experience Dell can input at the beginning stages of the project.

Self Performance (Concrete, Carpentry, Drywall Systems)

Dell Construction is highly skilled in performing their own concrete, rough and finish carpentry, drywall systems. While self-performing these scopes, we are constantly trying to achieve the best value for the owner on the project. Therefore we will also take sub bids on as may areas as possible to ensure a completive price. Whether the work is self-performed or subcontracted, the owner can be assured they will always receive Dell’s quality and performance levels.